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My life as a photographer has changed so much over the last year and this blog is a representation of the chaos, the excitement, the learning, and hopefully great images. :) Thanks for spending a few minutes with me.

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September 9, 2011

My wife was out of town for a wedding last weekend, and the boys and I were left to create some chaos in and around the house.  We had a blast together.  I LOVE hanging out with them, wrestling, playing Wii, wrestling… you know, “boy stuff”.  We went to the DragonCon parade to see the storm troopers, ate at our favorite pizza place, had an ultimate pillow fight Friday, Saturday and Sunday and Monday… It was a great weekend, but we missed Kristine the whole time.  So I tried to show her.. here’s what came from it:


August 5, 2011

I love taking pics with my iPhone.  Especially when I’ve had an extra glass of vino (or more) in Napa.  By the end of each day, I got too “lazy” and stopped carrying the camera with me.  Instead… INSTAGRAM saved the day.  Here are some of the shots from Napa on the iPhone.  :)

August 4, 2011

Yesterday I blogged a few images from our trip to the Sunflower Festival.  These are just family photos taken along the way, but taken with “lifestyle” photography in mind.  If you want to be a ______ photographer, shoot that kind of photography.  It’s why I don’t take pictures of product… I don’t want to shoot product… UNLESS it ties into a lifestyle story. :)